Jane Brown is a qualified Hd Brow stylist so completely understands the shape of the eyebrow. She has been creating Hd brows for over 7 years and trained firstly in digital SPMU and microblading over 4 years ago.

Microblading is the latest type of Semi permanent makeup or SPMU. A less permanent form of tattooing. It implants pigment into the dermal layer of the skin. Jane only uses a water based pigment which causes less allergic reaction to the body and fades out naturally, not leaving that harsh tattoo shadow on the skin. The beauty of this pigment means it can be individual colour matched to your brow hair.

The microblade is a hand held tool, which is not in fact a blade but a row of pins that are thinner than a needle.

Microblading is suitable for both men and women and perfect for those that have only a few gaps or those looking for a stronger brow shape.

The microblading tool allows for the creation of very fine, natural, crisp hair strokes that blend flawlessly into the natural brow which gives a realistic look to the finished brow.

Prices for a full microbladed brow start from £245.00

This incls 1 top up treatment.

A top up treatment after 6 months costs £50.00

After 1 year £125

Depending on your skin type and environmental factors (incl aftercare) your brows should last for 12 – 18 months, a top up treatment is recommended at this time to keep your brows defined.